“Protect Your Investment”

JP MultiShine is a complete detail spray unlike any other. This water based nano-polymer and ceramic coating apply like a quick detailer, but adds a protective coating like a wax. This product works on both interior and exterior surfaces. JP MultiShine shines and protects your vehicle leaving a long-lasting showroom finish!

Our Products:

* Repel dust and dirt while protecting your vehicles finish from harmful UV rays.

* Leave your airplane, boat, car, classic car, motorcycle, RV or personal watercraft with a deep protective shine that will last up to six months.

* Works great on ceramic coatings, fiberglass, clear coat painted surfaces and satin paint finishes. JP MultiShine also provides excellent results for vehicle wraps, coated wheels, decals windows, windshields, mirrors and chrome! Use on your entire vehicle, including headlights and plastic bumpers for the ultimate protection against the suns harmful UV rays and the elements.

* Include hydrophobic polymers and ceramics which leave a protective barrier on top of all surfaces, including glass. Hydrophobic polymers enhance the depth of shine and water-repelling properties of our product.  Ceramics add hardening properties for a long lasting shine and protection.

* Mitigate fingerprints and dust; simply wipe off.  Water easily beads and rolls off any surface.  JP MultiShine and a micro fiber towel easily touch up your vehicles finish in-between washes.

* Have uniquely designed properties are formulated with and provide a phenomenal UV protectant coating for all surfaces including plastics interior trims and vinyl.

* Have no residual films, hazing or residue left behind. Anti-static properties that repel dust are included in both original and ceramic.

* Have a 100% money back guarantee! After your purchase, if you are not completely satisfied return the unused portion for a full and complete refund!