Why purchase JP Multishine?

While there are many competitors in the “vehicle” care market there is only one JP Multishine.  JP Multishine was specifically developed with you, the consumer, in mind.  Our chemical engineer developed a formula that is water based for safety which include excellent nano-polymers for protection.  UV-A, UV-B, anti-static and ceramic properties were also added to give you the ultimate protection from the sun. Our products apply quickly, cleanly and effectively to give your vehicle superior protection while saving you time and certainly money.  For example, one of our competitors charge in excess of $300.00 per gallon for their product.  Remember, just because a product is expensive that alone does not make it better. Try JP Multishine and become a satisfied, life long customer!  You will be glad you did!

How can I purchase JP Multishine?

In person, over the phone or here at JPMultishine.com.

How does it work?

JP Multishine is the product of choice to add a high gloss shine to paint, chrome, glass, plastic and interior surfaces.  You apply it like a quick detail spray and the hydrophobic polymers engineered into JP Multishine enhance any finish like a wax.  One of the wonders of applying JP Multishine to your vehicles finish is that you get all, if not more, of the qualities of a traditional wax application in a fraction of the time.

How does a JP Multishine application protect surfaces?

The suns UV-A and UV-B rays are detrimental to many surfaces and can be minimized with one application of JP Multishine.  Once applied, JP Multishine’s polymers leave a UV protectant behind which helps prevent weathering, fading and oxidation on all surfaces, especially paint.  Protect both plastics and vinyl trim (exterior & interior) with JP Multishine which greatly reduces the damage that is usually associated with weather, especially the sun.

How does JP Multishine work with sticking / impacted bugs?

“No More Sticking Bugs”!  Apply and maintain a coating of JP Multishine to your vehicles entire front, windshield and mirror housings.  Removing bugs will be much easier, especially during love bug season.  Simply soak them with water and wipe them off.  Extremely large bugs may require a little agitation.  Unfortunately, JP Multishine will not protect your vehicles finish from rocks or other high velocity impacts from foreign debris.

Does it work well on glass?

“YES”!  JP Multishine contains hydrophobic properties that leaves an invisible layer which repels water.  This makes water bead up on painted surfaces as well as glass causing the water to just sheet off the vehicle and vehicles windshield while traveling.  Keeping the windshield well coated may actually extend the windshield wipers life.

Is JP Multishine easy to apply?

“Yes”!  For best results wash, thoroughly rinse and dry your vehicle.  Spray JP Multishine directly on the desired area and use a micro-fiber towel to apply the product.  Follow behind with a dry micro-fiber towel to remove any excess product and buff the treated area for a long lasting protective shine.  But remember, use on the entire vehicle!  JP Multishine works on all sealed surfaces: paint, chrome, plastic, glass, vinyl, headlights, tail-lights, mirrors, sunroofs, trim, plastics, rubber / plastic moldings and wheels!  JP Multishine covers and protects it all!

Does JP Multishine leave any residues?

In a word “No”!  No grease, no slime, no chalk!  JP Multishine was developed to leave behind a clean, but dry well protected finish.  Our products have no petroleum products in them which is safer to use, both for you and for what you are using it on!

What can I use JP Multishine on?

Technically , the answer is in the name.   Anything with a sealed surface including: airplanes, ATV’s, boats, cars, classic cars, glass, mirrors, motorcycles, personal water craft, stainless steel appliances and trikes!  My wife tried JP Multishine on our granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances…she now uses nothing else.  


I tried this product on Rx glasses.  Yes, it works!  It helps to reduce the smudges that all glasses wearers face daily allowing me to go longer between cleanings. Also, JP Multishine helps to reduce the “fogging” of your glasses that occurs while you breathe wearing a mask.